Past-Life Regression Fundamentals – The Overview

Past Life Regression

Past-life regression is especially suited for healing psychosomatic diseases that have their roots in the deepest recesses of their sub-conscious minds and which cannot be treated at the superficial levels. Phobias, chronic ailments and irrational emotions like intense anger and hatred invariably stem from some past event of which you are completely ignorant in this current lifetime. All our unresolved emotions and feelings are stored in the sub-conscious mind. These remain with us after death and we bring them back with us with each reincarnation. 

Very often we carry our baggage of unresolved emotions and passions with us life after life and continue to suffer relentlessly the consequences of our negativity. The regression-therapist helps to excavate our deep-seated problems and brings them to the surface to be eradicated once and for all from our consciousness.
In the past-life regression session, the hypnotist puts you under a hypnotic sleep by means of inducing deep relaxation. This initial step itself takes a considerable amount of time – ranging from forty-five minutes and could even go up to two hours, depending upon the sensitivity of each person. Once the person has entered into a trance-like state, the journey into the misty past begins. The therapist now leads you back in time starting from your near past to distant past back to hundreds of years, should the need arise. There is no fixed rule for this. Your afflictions could have their roots in the past one lifetime or they could be dated back to several past lifetimes many centuries ago to the seat of your mental trauma.

Under a hypnotic spell, your waking-mind backs out and your sub-conscious mind becomes active. You can see, hear and actually re-live and experience the events of your past. It is as if you are sent back in time via a time-machine where everything appears very real and lifelike to you.
Moreover, you are even experiencing your own death, as well as those moments after you leave your physical body. Many people have experienced death as a great relief and feel a sense of freedom after they are out of their physical bodies. You are pleasantly surprised to find that you are whole and complete when you stand beside your mortal remains and realize that you are more alive than ever. You realize then that death is not the end of your life but that you continue to live on.

You thus become conscious of your true identity as an immortal spiritual being, and you begin to accept death as a natural, peaceful event where you continue to live on with greater health and well-being.
The purpose of past-life regression is to bring the past incidents to the forefront of your conscious mind in order to understand the cause of your unreasonable feelings and behavior. The hypnotist then helps you realize the futility of clinging to your baggage, and instructs you to dump it and burn it along with your physical body which is lying inert on the ground. Suggestions are then given to you that you are finally rid of all the unwanted energies that are tormenting you, and with that, you feel instantly relieved of your cumbersome load.
Upon waking up from your hypnotic sleep, you actually feel light and peaceful. All fears and phobias, chronic depression, anxiety attacks, mental-blocks, chronic ailments, and so on are put to rest. You begin to live a more wholesome life, with the complete freedom of your soul.

Your hypnotic escapade into the past life brings about higher understanding about spiritism, and helps to clear away all the false beliefs concerning death and life-after. You begin to understand your relationships with people and family members from a higher perspective, thus making it easier to deal with them with love and compassion. Life becomes more meaningful as you begin to live with a higher awareness. Moreover, this therapy deepens your connection with God as you begin to understand your divine purpose in life.