Things To Know Before You Visit A Medium


If you have your first session with a medium right around the corner or are planning to pick up your phone any minute now and book an appointment with a medium, this one is for you. Mediumship has been around in the world since ages but has always lived a low profile, but lately has started floating in the surface. These sessions can be a little daunting, especially if it’s your first. So let’s put your mind to ease.

What is A Medium?

So firstly, let’s address the confusion. People often get confused between a psychic and a medium. Imagine you want to learn how to drive a car but you end up going to a class that teaches you a motorbike. So first begin looking into your needs before you turn the wrong way. If you’re looking for someone to guide you and help you with your past, present or future, a psychic can serve your purpose. While on the other hand, if you’re looking to communicate with someone who is close to your heart but has left their physical body, a medium can do that for you. A medium acts as a channel between you and someone who’s on the other side of the universe.

Okay so now that you know you’re headed in the right direction, but your heart just skipped a beat because you realized that you’re actually going to visit a medium, let’s see what you need to do before you head out that door.

Keep Your Mind Free – Imagine you’re late for your session, you’re in a rush and book a cab, but your ride shows up late at your door. You get into a heated argument with the driver and now your mood and excitement just goes for a toss. This would mean that you’ve set your session up for failure, as now you’ll begin your session probably feeling agitated, confused, when ideally, you should be in a completely relaxed state ready to soak in a beautiful experience.

Don’t Be A Feeder – When you meet your medium, you’ll probably want to make the most out of it. You’ll want to talk about everything you know about the person you want to communicate with. Well, don’t. While you might think sharing more information might be helpful for the medium to reach the deceased one, it’s not. It’s how mediumship works, the medium should be the one giving you information. Like if you want to talk to your aunt who passed away in a car accident, the reader might say that “I see a cliff and a lady driving a car” The reader will then ask you if what they’re seeing means something in your life and your answer can be as simple as a yes or no. They’ll then go on and tell you the next thing they see. So If you tell the reader this information, it takes away the experience. So wait for them to tell you and don’t feed the medium.

When Things Don’t Make Sense – Remember that every reading isn’t the same. Just because your friend told you his reading was perfect and he got answers to all his questions, doesn’t mean you’re going to have the exact same experience. It’s not because your loved one isn’t reaching out, and if you trust your medium, it’s not their fault either. Mediumship isn’t as easy as talking on the phone, it’s a lot more complicated than what it looks. There are a lot of messages that are sent to the medium. They’re probably not the answer to the question you were looking for. But know that spirits know what’s important. There are even instances where messages sent by the spirit don’t make sense at the time period the person visits the reader. But more often than not, it turns out to be the answer to a major problem that could fall in the seekers lap in the coming future.

Go With The Right Mindset – Now this one might seem obvious, but there are some who fall prey to impulsiveness. Don’t ever go for a reading intoxicated. No matter how nervous you are about the session, no matter how perfect a couple of glasses of wine sound to get you through your session, don’t do it. This makes it difficult for the medium to channel through and to reach out to your deceased loved one. The mindset plays an important role too. Keep your skeptic thoughts at home before you head for your session and remember to go in with an open mind.

You Are In Charge – Don’t put the entire responsibility on your reader’s shoulder. You have a role to play in the reading too. The medium is going to see things, feel things and get messages from the spirit. The reader is expecting you to verify this information. Know that you aren’t here to test the psychic but you play a major part in acknowledging what vibrations the medium is getting. You are probably there to talk to your aunt but probably might’ve connected to a great grandfather. So be present and be prepared to verify the facts.