Hey I’m Back, Again! The Soup Scoop of Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

 “For truly we are all angels temporarily hiding as humans.” ~ Brian L. Weiss

 Have you ever met someone for the very first time yet it felt like you two have known each other for lifetimes? Or had a very strong deja vú that left you spaced out for a moment or two? Have you ever traveled to a new country and for some reason everything seemed so familiar even though you’ve never been there before?

All these little nudges and feelings we cannot explain with the use of our logical minds often have something to do with the experiences we had in our past lives. However, it is not through our conscious minds that we can gain access to those experiences and memories.

And should we even try to?

What benefits might calling forth the memories of our past (or maybe the more accurate term would be ‘parallel’, as time as such doesn’t exist other than man-created construct) lives bring to the quality of life we live in this very moment?

Besides satisfying the curiosity we all have about our previous incarnations on Earth, going back to our past lives can also be deeply healing and transformative experience that effects the way we live our present life, the way we show up in our relationships and the way in which we see and treat ourselves as the spiritual beings having human experience.

Many cases were documented in which people struggling for decades with certain health or mental/emotional issue would suddenly heal after a single Past Life Regression (PLR) therapy. The explanation lays in the fact that the root of their ailment stemmed from some previous incarnation and only through bringing awareness to the event that caused the fragmentation within their psyche and the predicament in question as the consequence of it, they were able to reintegrate that part of themselves and finally feel free, healed and in peace.

How do we know about healing properties of PLR?

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, proponent of Past Life Regression Therapy and amazing results it brings is Dr Brian L. Weiss, whose mind-blowing book Many Lives, Many Masters brought closer the concept of reincarnation to vast number of people, both in highly spiritual circles and – which is even more important – to those in predominantly empiric-based scientific environments.

Dr Weiss is a psychotherapist who developed his professional practice on solid and grounded research, based in rational thought and ‘palpable evidence’, never really considering the existence of other realms, multiple incarnations, spiritual approach to mental and emotional disturbances and things of a kind.

However, his strictly scientific approach and viewpoint has been repeatedly challenged during his work with one of his patients who, during the hypnosis, other than remembering events from her early childhood and adolescence, also happened to tap into some of her previous incarnations in which she was living in different countries, had different name or was even of a different gender. These experiences are in detail described in Weiss’ previously mentioned book.

What was even more astounding to the doctor, other than the fact that she was able to see and witness her past lives in such a great detail, was that the patient in question was free of symptoms that kept her imprisoned for years and years after those travels to past incarnations. Symptoms that no amount of talk-therapy, medication and childhood regression could resolve, suddenly disappeared.

This experience and many more that followed, made Dr Weiss question all of his lifelong beliefs and change completely his approach to therapy and work with his patients. Today, many people undergo Past Life Regression and there is accumulating amount of evidence of its efficiency and power.

What can Past Life Regression help with?

Past Life Regression can be helpful with any kind of difficulties that you may be facing in regards to your physical health, mental and emotional wellbeing, behavioural patterns, relationships and so on. Basically, if you are unable to discover the starting point and the root of the thing that has been causing you difficulties and limiting your ability to experience life fully, joyfully and freely – PLR may be the answer you’ve been searching.

Also, even if there is nothing actively bothering you as such, you may still benefit from PLR in the way that it may show you clearly the lessons you are meant to learn in this lifetime and where should you keep your focus on to get the most out of the incarnation you are currently in.

Everyone’s talking about Karma nowadays, but there is little information that is actually grounded and true. Taking a walk through some of your past lives together with a trained, skilled and empathetic practitioner, may reveal to you karmic connections that you have with the people in your family and surroundings, which can be of great aid to uplevel those relationships and see things from an angle that was not previously available to you.

The aspect of bringing the new perspective to the things is probably one of the crucial elements that PLR gifts you with because what we are really searching for are not the solutions to our problems or changes in our circumstances, but rather the shift in perspective that may allow us to see the underlaying beauty and opportunity that each person, event and occurrence in our life presents and how it all makes sense at a larger scale.