What Is Suggestion Hypnotherapy?


Physical wounds can be healed effectively at the superfluous level. But when it is a question of dealing with your internal problems, you are at the mercy of your mental condition that is fraught with worries and anxieties. Moreover medical science fails miserable in bringing relief to your trammeled heart and mind.

It is then that holistic healing modalities like hypnotherapy and so on come to your rescue and bring you the much desired relief from the internal agony. One such therapy is Suggestion Hypnotherapy which has done wonders to the mentally afflicted lot of people.

Suggestion hypnotherapy helps those who have trouble dealing with emotional problems and phobias with which they are compelled to live without any respite. Medical treatment is superfluous as well as harmful and addictive, and has no permanent cure.

The dynamics of Suggestion hypnotherapy are simple and effective. It does away with the ordeals of doctors, medical treatments, drugs and surgeries which only go on to augment the patient’s trauma. Suggestion Hypnotherapy is painless and powerful – a welcome relief to all, and the results are almost always rewarding.

The suggestions are instilled in your subconscious by the hypnotherapist while you are put in a light trance. In this state, the conscious or the waking-mind is subdued and the sub-conscious surfaces to the forefront. The suggestions thus enter the sub-conscious mind directly without any interference from the waking-mind.
All phobias, fears, false beliefs, bad habits and conditionings are rooted in the subconscious mind, and this is why hypnotherapy is considered as a powerful healing modality as compared to any medical treatment.

The chances of success depend also upon the following factors: your sensitivity to accept suggestions, your willingness to go into a hypnotic state and your desire to be healed.

Alternately, the suggestion can be given when you are fully conscious where the therapist uses a technique that is a combination of imagery and suggestions to create positive impressions upon the sub-conscious. The suggestions and imagery have a hypnotic effect upon the mind when it is calm and receptive.

Generally, our minds are infested with chaotic thought-patterns due to the false beliefs, wrong conditionings and discordant emotions. Suggestion hypnotherapy can effectively erase these deleterious thought-patters and create new thought-patterns of beauty and perfection, thus delivering greater relief and freedom from the compulsive habits and behavior. The higher the vibrations the more perfect and symmetrical are the thought-patterns.
Positive suggestions, when accompanied with visualization and positive emotions of joy and peace, can further intensify the healing process. These vivify the suggestions and convince the physical brain of their authenticity. The brain thus sends signal to the cells and molecules to function in accordance to the suggestions received by the sub-conscious.

Direct Suggestion has been categorized into four separate types: Cognitive, Instructional, Imaginative and Sensory.
In cognitive suggestion you are asked to think about an action.
Example: You are told to think that your body is completely relaxed.
Instructional suggestion is merely a statement telling you what to do.
Example: Your entire body is completely relaxed.
Imaginative suggestion calls for visualization.
Example: Imagine that your body is completely relaxed.
Sensory suggestion is a statement that tells you to feel.
Example: Feel your body completely relaxed.

Affirmations are auto-suggestions that create positive thought-patterns in your subconscious. They have a hypnotic effect upon the subconscious. Here you are using this method without the aid of a hypnotherapist. This is a fun way of healing yourself of mental and emotional disorders. The positive statements are repeated by chanting, singing or reciting. The element of joy empowers this practice for greater results.

The benefits that one derives from hypnotherapy need to be experienced first-hand. The positive results are no less than a miracle. In short, hypnotherapy is the ideal solution to all your long-standing, traumatic mental problems; it not only heals but restores inner harmony and balance in a snap – a veritable blessing for all those who are living at the edge of sanity.