Allow Yourself To Love Your-Self – The Beginning


The most important “kind” of love in life is the one we feel towards ourselves. You love your partner, your children, your family members, and your friends. And yourself? Do you have time, do you really actively strive to indulge and love yourself unconditionally, and in the way you love people who are important to you?

At all times, you should be your own number one, because … we only have one life. That’s what psychologists say, who advise that we have to learn to be best friends to ourselves. If you are tired of everything, if you have the impression that nothing is going in the right way, do something good for yourself. For change. Heal yourself by loving yourself.

Don’t think there will be a more appropriate time for you in the future to love yourself. Don’t waste your time, you’ll be sorry one day. Whatever you are going through right now, guilt, too many tasks, fear…THIS is the right time for you to show love towards your inner and outer being.

Allow yourself to love your-self
But, in order to achieve this, you must first understand why this is so important. And why it is important to express this love in everyday trivialities and those great life events when choosing what is good for you. Buy yourself what you want for a long time. And enjoy it. If you suffer in a relationship, leave it. If you have unresolved family matters, find a way to live with them so that these relationships do not endanger you anymore. And keep in mind that while you do not start loving yourself, you cannot love other people in the right way.

Heal yourself
You can heal yourself by starting to love yourself and this is the proven fact. Just remember those plants that flourish when someone is saying nice things to them. It is the same with people. Tell nice things to yourself, support and forgive yourself! Are you truly aware how much you torture your own being with fear, guilt, and anxiety every day? Love heals and moves because when we love ourselves, we stimulate the immune system and become stronger in the path of our own healing. You can also ask for a helping hand. Someone else can help you, even remotely.  Remote healing has long been here, but people have forgotten the benefits of this type of treatment such as relaxation and immune system boosting.

Learn to say – no
They train us from early childhood that it is not nice to confront others, it’s not polite to say “no”. However, as soon as you learn to say “I will not,” the better for you. When you feel that something is wrong for you, say no, and do not leave room for discussion. You have the right to say no.

In this way, when you say “yes”, it will be for things that are significant and important. When you learn to say “no” to things and people, you will discover what your priorities are and what is in your best interest. Also, you will love yourself and appreciate the fact that you have your own word, and your own character. The sooner you realize that you are the only person who must and can know what she wants, you will deal better with reality. Stand up for yourself!

Forgive yourself
The only way to leave the past behind is to stop worrying and live in the present. We all make mistakes, and condemning ourselves for things that were or still are bad can only hinder us in achieving positive life goals. Stop using derogatory names for yourself, release yourself from blame and move forward.

One of the greatest difficulties people face is the forgiveness they should give to themselves. You blame yourself for the mistakes you made in the past and you cannot forgive yourself. You need to remember that life is short and you should use it for learning and change. You need to learn how to transform old energy into a new one, or release the past and open to the future. You must not hold blame and fear in your energy, because such energy slows you down and stops you in raising the vibration.

Respect yourself!
Turn to self-respect and it will be rooted in every part of your life. What you put in your mouth, what you say to yourself and what you do, can only bring benefits to you and your body. Feeling guilt and embarrassment is not a form of respect, and therefore, avoid the situation that will cause you to feel bad. 

Make a list of how you want people to treat you and start treating yourself that way! You do not need anybody to start respecting, loving and protecting yourself! Make a list of things that bring you the feeling of love, happiness, and respect. Check out this list. Choose one thing and do it today! Love yourself. Respect yourself. Treat yourself like a dear friend: with love, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.