Did You Know Tarots Is A Great Tool For Our Personal Growth

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We are always evolving, but where are we going? Do we really like the road we have chosen? If we “work in the right way” we can evolve in the direction most suited to us.

In these years of continuous studies and readings of every kind related to the well-being of the person, not only strictly psychic but also food and energy, knowing and starting to practice disciplines such as tai chi, yoga, meditation, we are opening a world (or rather a universe) that knew how to give depth and meaning to me first of all as a person and then as a professional, going to fill a lot of gaps made of experiences inside and outside me to understand and research of explanations on human nature, that psychology alone has failed to fill.

In my sometimes bizarre path, sometimes that seemed to belong to everything except the psychology and the methods of counseling, I came across the tarot cards reading and their original function. My rational mind has worked hard to get me back on the right path, as if he wanted to tell me: “After years of scientific studies you are doing now … do you give the papers?”

But it was like hearing a door open. The more I informed myself and studied the major Arcana the more satisfaction and fulfillment came to me, especially when I verified to be an interesting method of psychological investigation, helping to highlight real aspects of people’s psyche, to which I subjected this method, and kept it hidden under the veil of conscience.

A. Jodorowsky, C.G. Jung and then C. Morel to cite the main ones have been my path of knowledge of a method that I would never have thought of landing, full as was my head of scientific theories on the psyche: a discipline worthy of respect makes use of experiments, statistical evaluations, theories of proven and reasoned psychological dynamics, and not of exoteric divination tools (from exòteros = “external”).

And instead .. to my surprise the Tarot turned out to be a representation of the human soul and its “journey” in this earthly world, so they are an esoteric instrument (from esòterikòs = “interior” “intimate”).

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The ‘Tarots’ work on a symbolic level, rich in meanings to be extrapolated; they are a sort of encrypted code (from the Greek kriptós = “hidden”), of images that bring the person back to parts of themselves that are difficult to deal with openly, but which can be expressed a little at a time through the graphic representations of the Arcana: i Tarot cards are a mirror of themselves less brutal than a real mirror.

Here then is that for example the Major Arcana I, the Fool, creative, master of himself, who has will, who wants to experiment and build even if without experience yet; it is also our childhood. Then the number II the most static, intuitive The High Priestess, dedicated to the knowledge of the earthly and spiritual world, is the study of things to prepare oneself on a theoretical level before acting, and it is also the knowledge for the awakening of the consciousness, individual and universal.

Following the number III, the Empress, is the embodiment of power defined as such because there is an external world to dominate, but the III still has to learn to govern itself, its inner world. And so on through all the others, like the Hermit, which is the representation of the individual understood as single, solitary, not belonging to any group, and the Seeker of himself who is it calls into question and that is precisely why it needs isolation.

Up to the Major Arcana XXI, the World, the completion of the inner and personal journey, the realization of oneself, in which matter and spirit balance and interpenetrate for an understanding of the whole. And then there is Arcanum 0, the Fool, the courage to ‘jump’, to leave things behind to start a new path, to launch into chaos again to recreate a new order: that’s why it has as the number Zero which represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one (and for this reason it can stand either at the beginning of the deck or at the end)

The 22 major Arcana are certainly a facilitating means for the expression of themselves, they help to “pull out” things that would normally emerge only after some conversation, especially if the person has difficulty in expressing certain aspects of his interior life. This is precisely because they use an emotional language, linked to the symbols / archetypes common to all, that is, to images full of existential meaning that unite us all, or even of strictly personal meanings linked to our own experience. The Emperor, the Arcana IV, is the one who integrated the will and the action of the Fool with the knowledge of the High Priestess and the acquired power of the Empress, coming to dominate her “kingdom” (external and internal) ; and it can also be the representation of an important paternal or masculine figure lived in one’s life.

Learning how to read Tarots and dedicate some time to learn from them can be a wonderful way to explore our intuition, to open our minds, reflect and think about our life, our past and our choices in order to finally find a way to connect with ourselves to all another level.