Energy Healers – The Masters Of Chi Restoration

Energy Healing, Oracle Zone

Imagine that every human being was born with an ability to tap into a pure, radiant substance that is so primordial it forms the base of all that is, gives us our physical substance, solidity, and enables us to exist as a whole yet as separate entities unto ourselves. And that this substance, is a root ingredient of our very makeup, imparting order and congruence down to the molecular level. This eternal substance is on tap from an eternal fountain that flows freely to all from Source – THE Source. The giver of all life, That From Whom All Life Flows. The Creator, if you will.

Now, imagine a well you can tap into any moment of any hour, drink, and from it become rejuvenated, renewed, refreshed, and realigned. 

This substance is what we tend to call Chi or Prana. But Chi (as we’ll call it here for continuity sake) is far from just an Eastern concept. In present day Western World many tend to just refer to it as Energy. From time immemorial to the present mankind has attempted to study, prove with experimentation, and define exactly what “It” is. In ancient Greece philosophers proposed the Ether hypothesis that explained the undefinable extra element of life as the substance that allows energy in waves to travel throughout the universe and holds all things together. In our current time it is the scientists that have taken up this mantle of the pursuit of defining the indefinable by creating and experimenting with the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland for the purpose of confirming and observing what many call the “God Particle”. Whatever it may be called in our time there are still many ways to experience and interact with it that have been around for centuries, even millennium. While some methods of Chi restoration is self-administered (such as Meditation) most of these ways of interacting with Source to allow the flow of this Energy into your Chi for a jolt of health restoration are done by the hands of skilled professionals we will call energy healers.

An energy healer is anyone who moves in harmony with the inner self, has maturity, and sometimes practical holistic medicinal knowledge they use to harness the natural flow of their own Chi in away that can be channeled into the physical body of others for the purpose of healing. There are many examples from various cultures of people acting as energy healers in their communities and by professionals in modern times.Consider “Energy Healers” an umbrella term. 

I can point out to you some excellent examples of energy healers in our current day. But it does come down to a person choosing to allow the natural energy from sacred source to be utilized from within themselves to outwardly help others. That being said there are many real life examples of someone’s Chi being so charged up from source that it even accidentally touches others. Speaking of my own personal experience: On a mission trip I took when I was still practicing my mother’s faith of Christianity I visited a small town on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. After the service we were all praying for each other. We all believed in what were called “Spiritual gifts” direct from the Holy Spirit of God. (Which I Now understand to be Source itself.) These gifts included the laying on of hands for the purpose of healing and praying in “Tongues”. As we were all praying I turned to pray for the woman behind me. She seemed very weighed down like she carried a burden. I don’t know if it was physical or emotional or both but I wanted her to feel better and receive all of the healing she required. I stretched my hands towards her while standing about five feet away. I begin to pray for her asking God to provide all she needs and comfort her with guidance. We were both praying very hard and I was praying in tongues. I began to feel a warm buzzing all over my body especially in my arms and hands. She began to pray louder with lots of tears. When I opened my eyes a couple of men were standing beside her to catch her in case she fell. Because without me even touching her she was being pushed back under whatever force was coming from me. Now a lot of atheists tend to believe this sort of thing is only church theatrics. But I believe that there are many cases like mine where a person is genuinely open to the power of Source through the earnestness of heart, even if not openly understanding or consciousness of that power. The differences in both conscious and unconscious energy channeling are significant but for another day. In short: I was, however unknowingly, in the receptive mode. I believe it really is that simple.

Because it is that simple there are countless cases of energy flowing through an individual and impacting another person physically. Because we are all energetic beings, naturally there will be cases where it gets out of hand. Not that this was a negative experience. I believe that the woman received something she needed from Source that night and I am honored to have been a vessel for it.

Another real life experience for me has been multiple times we’re friends were able to send me love and comfort straight from their own hearts to mine, across space and time. One of those occasions was a few years ago. I had been going through a deep heartbreak. I lived alone and in a town very far from my family. I really needed a hug that day. All I knew to do was reach out to some friends and see if I could bend their ears. So I struck up a conversation with a lightworker friend that I didn’t know all that well at the time. I just felt like he had good energy. It was just short chat and I was only beginning to tell him something was wrong when I felt what can only be described as the most beautiful warm hug enveloping me. The person wasn’t even on the phone with me or in the same neighborhood! Next thing I know he is messaging me that he is sending me love. I told him I already knew because I could feel him with me. That was very informal and spontaneous. It’s also a great example of how the flow of energy works between humans. It’s a very natural part of how we communicate. When one is awake and in-tune with themselves they can send energy intentionally in many ways.

What we want to do here, in the community of modern Healers is guide each other. We want to encourage each other to be well-trained in the ways of wisdom and ancient principles of Healers so we all might hold a high standard of practice. Any individual who applies themselves to learning a healing discipline such as reiki, acupuncture, crystal healing, stone therapy, distance healing, magnetic therapy, and others takes on implied but very real responsibilities to avail themselves of knowledge passed down and be trained in the ways respective of their trade. It is very true that we all possess the sacred flow of energy from Source within us. It’s what gives us our breath and our very being. But a lot of respect is due to those disciplined in sacred service to others. These professionals are honored lightworkers in our communities. We are very blessed to have them in our busy work obsessed cultures that we live in these days. These professionals help us reconnect with our bodies and our own intuitions. They help us quite our inner dialogue and reconnect to source so we can receive the life-giving force that freely flows to all who would receive it. Sometimes we might need a boost from a healthy and mature individual who studies the spiritual. Sometimes a pair of healing hands can do more for us than years of what we currently think of as traditional methods. But there was a time in our past that seeking out a spiritual healer was mainstream. And it was mainstream for so long because the force they use is very real. Have you experienced your own moment of charged up Energy coursing through you to another being? Or perhaps you have received some incredible healing from a lightworker in your community. Feel free to explore some of the healers on our website here. Maybe here you will find your next helper in your personal healing journey.