What’s The Deal With Pranic-Healing?

Energy Healing

Pranic Healing is a smooth and an effective way to rid your being of all impurities and offensive pollutants collected in your energy-field. Besides restoring health and well-being, it helps raise your vibrational-frequency so that you begin to gravitate toward all that is conducive for your spiritual well-being.

The most lethal of all toxins are those which we release in our being through our negative thoughts, false beliefs and emotions. These pollutants collect in our etheric body and continue to fester until they manifest at the physical level in the form of dreaded diseases. 

The root of your malady is embedded in your etheric body which medication cannot reach. Drugs and medicines only succeed to subdue the pain and discomfort momentarily, while causing a false sense of well-being.++
Pranic healing touches the innermost part of your being and extricates the disease straight from its roots and then energizes the afflicted part back to health.

Cleansing is the essential part of pranic healing. You need to sweep away the dirt before applying shine to the surface. Energizing the affected part without cleansing, may give temporary relief to the patient but after awhile the symptoms will show up with added aggression. Thus, as long as the impurities prevail in your subtle body, you cannot experience complete healing. 

Cleansing helps unclog your body from the impurities embedded in it. This promotes a free-flow of fresh pranic-energy into the affected part so that healing takes place with greater efficacy, and is permanent. 

Well, let us examine a few basic techniques of Pranic Healing:
Sensitizing the hands – For this, you need to activate the mini chakras in the center of your palms through which the pranic healing is directed to the recipient. Do this by pressing this area with your thumb. Then, put your hands about 3 inches apart as if holding a small ball, and with your palms facing each other move them as if rolling the ball. Do this very slowly with your concentration on the center of your palms and the tips of your fingers. Continue moving your palms for about five minutes. 

Sometimes this causes a tingling feeling or warmth in your hands. Practice this exercise for a month; it will help to sensitize your hands so that you are able to feel the subtle energy when you have to scan your etheric-body.

Scanning the aura – Scanning helps to determine the size and shape of the aura. In doing so you may feel the hollows and protrusions in certain parts of your energy-field. The hollows suggest depletion of energy while the protrusions imply congestion of energy. This is the very first stage of a disease which medical science fails to detect. With scanning, one can perceive the growth of a disease before it manifests at the physical level. 

Sweeping (general and localized) – In localized sweeping you place your hands or hand on the affected area and sweep away the impure energy, flicking your hand forcefully into the disposal unit. The sweeping movement can be done in any direction: vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

In general sweeping, you sweep your hands slowly starting from the head and going down to your feet; you then flick the dirty energy vigorously into the disposal unit. A disposal unit is a bowl of water with a handful of salt in it. This helps to disintegrate the dirty energy in which you flick. 

Stabilizing – Stabilizing helps to seal the pranic energy which has been projected to the patient. You simply need to visualize the color light-blue while painting the treated part and mentally intend that the projected-energy remains sealed. This prevents the projected-energy from dissipating.

It is important to wash your hands thoroughly after dispensing pranic healing to your patients as a precaution against contracting the afflictions of your patients.

Daily meditation and observing self-discipline in your daily life can help elevate your consciousness so that you may serve as a divine healing instrument in all humility and sincerity.