From Root To Crown – The Power Of Healing Through Balanced Chakras

Energy Healing

CHAKRAS – the main vital centers for energizing the body.

We all have an inner world and there is no need to doubt it. Understanding and opening the chakras is one of the most effective ways to reach the different levels of consciousness available to us. The chakras open the way to identifying the type of energy that we experience. In Eastern medicine and philosophy, which long ago revealed that “everything is energy”, the chakras or energy centers have been recognized for thousands of years, and today they are increasingly respected in western culture. When working on healing chakras through Reiki or some other treatments, you work on healing YOURSELF.

Although there are more chakras, the most commonly referred to are the seven main chakras located in the middle of the body, arranged on the spine from below to the top, so that each subsequent chakra implies a higher level of existence. The blockade of any of these chakras leads to some kind of disease. It is therefore important to open the chakras, and this can easily be achieved from the comfort of your home through remote healing.

Each chakra has a front and back side, that is, the main chakras and their counterparts. The front of the body is connected with human emotions, and the back of the body along the spine is closely connected with our will. If you lack will it is immediately noticed by the body posture. If you have an emotional problem then there are various disorders in the organs on the front of the body, such as the intestines, stomach, heart, thyroid gland, and the like.

A man is healthy if his chakras (vortices) are harmonized and open to the flow of energy. The more energy flows through the chakras, the man is healthier. If the chakra cannot absorb energy, then it is blocked and certain parts of the body are not supplied with enough energy. In this case, due to the lack of energy supply of the body, life-threatening diseases or various psychological difficulties gradually develop.

The first – basic chakra (root chakra) is red
It is located at the beginning of the pelvis and at the physical level this chakra is responsible for proper functioning and is associated with the rectum and the release of the body from toxins, and the secretion of the adrenal glands. It works on the amount of physical energy and will for life, i.e. preservation, survival, and grounding. The open first or base chakra at its vibratory level develops the instinct for survival and safety, enables you to recognize in yourself what your real need is in life and attract such life situations with the help of which you and yourself will find the power of power and resources to achieve them. The instinct for reality develops and on both sides, you stand on the ground; it removes your fears and blockages related to the retention of old thoughts and old problems.

The second sexual chakra is orange
It lies above the genital organs, about three fingers below the navel. It works primarily on our emotional life, but as it is associated with reproductive organs, it also affects the ability to give birth, our actions, learning, and creation. If the second chakra is open, a person feels his full strength. If it is blocked, it can manifest in women as an inability to experience orgasm and sensory pleasure, and men experience premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

The third solar chakra is the center and power of will – it is yellow
If the solar chakra is blocked, the passion and heart act separately from each other – i.e. passion is not related to the heart. Also, the closeness of this chakra is expressed through fear, anxiety, selfishness, manipulation, feeling of less value, stomach ulcer, liver disease, diabetes, anorexia, bulimia, and arthritis. The third chakra is related to the human’s attitude towards one’s own health. It is also the center of healing and is closely related to spiritual healing.

The fourth, heart chakra is green
Since it lies in the middle, the heart chakra is especially important because it is a conductor and a mediator among other chakras. For the development of the correct shape and proper functioning of the heart chakra, it is necessary to develop in itself the qualities of consistency both of mental as well as of consistency in deeds, then of perseverance, determination, tolerance, trust.

The fifth, throat chakra is light blue
This chakra is the center of communication, affecting our will, determination and ability to choose, mental-level creativity, accepting the world and adapting to the world, as well as experiencing oneself, personally and accepting in society. The development of this chakra is directly related to the control of thought. The correct development of the throat chakra implies the development of sincerity and honesty.

The sixth, forehead chakra is indigo blue
If the sixth chakra is blocked, our mental concepts can be mixed together, and the facts of reality can be wrong and negative, and therefore we will find it difficult to realize our ideas. The blockade of the sixth chakra causes sinus, migraine, and headache, visual impairment, nervous breakdown, depression, schizophrenia, brain tumors.

The seventh crown chakra is purple
The seventh chakra is a chakra of spirituality. Through it, we come into contact with our higher self channeling energy from the Universe. Since the crown chakra covers the whole human life, its blockade leads to a lack of self-confidence, personal crises, feelings of the meaninglessness of life. This further leads to degenerative diseases, nerve disorders, and bone cancer.

Heal your chakras, heal your life!