What You Can Feel During Reiki’s Long-distance Treatment


In Japanese, Reiki consists of two words:

  1. Rei, which in translation can mean Divine, Universal, and Life.
  2. Ki, which means life energy.

Reiki is known in the world as a traditional Japanese healing system and spiritual development, which goes deep into the roots of Japanese history. The healing system under that name existed in Japan for more than two millennia in a particular form of folk medicine.

When it is necessary to explain what Reiki is and how it works, it is hard for people to understand that something they do not see or are not directly connected with can work and heal?! But energy is all around us and we can feel it although we are not aware of it most of the times.

What first comes to mind and what can be said as an analogy is: electricity, Wi-Fi, mobile telephony, radio waves… All of these are waves and energy we do not see, but we can still no doubt confirm that they exist!

People often think that cure must come from a doctor, with the help of some medicine or therapist, but what is true is that our organism, our whole being, has the ability to cure itself. This is what the old eastern doctors say, first of all, doctors of traditional Chinese medicine.

There is an inseparable connection between our being and nature, between our body and soul! If we can understand this, a doctor, therapist or medicine should only remind or just support our being to cure itself! Reiki therapist is a person who with the help of Reiki energy stimulates the body to self-heal. Which means Reiki does not cure itself, it’s just a good wind in the back towards healing, fills you with energy where you are the weakest, and your being, mind, and consciousness are those who transform disease or some kind of mental state into what is best for you!

Reiki Remote Treatment:
Reiki is energy, and for that reason, there are no obstacles such as time and space. Reiki can be sent to the past with the intention of a therapist (to remove, for example, childhood traumas or some unpleasant situation in the past) or into the future (in order to strengthen and purify a situation that has yet to happen, for example, a job interview, so it could pass in the best possible way). Also, a Reiki therapist can send energy from his home to any point on planet Earth. More about it you can find out at ilovehealers.com. There are no obstacles to energy. 

* Of course, this applies only to therapists who have at least a second degree or a level of Reiki!

What you can feel during Reiki’s long-distance treatment is pretty much the same as for contact treatment: a mild energy flow in the body, shivers in the arms and legs, warmth or cold, colors before your eyes … if you do not feel anything, Reiki still works, you’re just not sensitive enough, but Reiki has gone where you need it.

Some of the benefits that make most people decide on this type of Reiki treatment:

  • You can sit or lie in your home where you are most relaxed during the treatment
  • You can choose a Reiki therapist or teachers who live in another city or country
  • It is suitable for persons who are linked to a bed or immobile
  • You can report another person for treatment if you have a permit from that person, otherwise, Reiki does not work, even if you were well-intentioned, you must always respect someone else’s will!
  • It is ideal for animals and pets and they react very nicely and easily to Reiki energy, it is only necessary to emphasize to the therapist how many pounds pet weights, so that energy can be properly “dosed”
    Reiki can also be received by children at a distance, of course, you must ask them for permission. The amount of energy the child can receive is proportional to their age (1g-1 min, 7g-7 min, 6 months-30sec …)

These are just some of the benefits of working at a distance, which due to the fast pace of life fits most people to make a small break from a busy and stressful everyday life and regenerate their whole being! Of course, the direct presence of the Reiki therapist or teacher brings an added relaxing atmosphere and a specific feeling of warmth and relaxation, as well as the exchange of instant impressions and feelings.

Everyone is free to choose on the scale with his abilities and expectations the way in which the treatment is to be done. What is most important is that Reiki goes where it is most needed, regardless of the way it is sent! If you choose an experienced Reiki therapist or teacher, you will receive from him all the additional information that interests you so you will be confident and relaxed that you will get Reiki energy in the BEST POSSIBLE way!

Enjoy your being, nurture it with love and it will bring you back through the health and energy that guides you through life!