The Whirling Tale Of The 7 Chakras In Your Etheric Body

Energy Healing

Chakras are whirling vortices situated in our etheric body. Since they form a part of the subtle body, they remain invisible to the physical eyes. These force-centers are points of connection at which the energy flows from one vehicle or body of a man to another, that is to say through the etheric, physical, astral and the mental body, and thus enliven your entire being with the vibrant energy.

The seven major chakras are located along the meridian of the spinal column, and play an important part in determining the health of a person at all levels of his being. The undeveloped chakras appear as small orbs about two inches in diameter, glowing dimly in the ordinary man; but when awakened and vivified, like those of a spiritually enlightened man, they are seen as blazing, scintillating whirlpools, bigger in size, and resembling miniature suns.

The chakras are constantly rotating, and into the hub of each of them flows the Universal life-force, without which the physical body would cease to exist. The role of the chakras is to circulate this precious energy in the entire being. it is this force which animates the physical body, and keeps it active. Each major chakra governs the corresponding gland and organ of the body.

Therefore, when the chakras are clean and healthy, they are able to channel a substantial amount of life-force into your being. On the other hand if they are deformed and sickly, the flow is obstructed, resulting in only a trickle of the energy into your body, which is insufficient for your physical organs to function healthfully.

Our errant lifestyle, undisciplined eating habits, consuming nefarious substances and living with negative emotions often take their toll upon the delicate formation of the chakras and debilitate them. The etheric impurities and toxins clog the chakras and make them dense; they thus become lop-sided and lose their momentum to spin healthfully. The amount of energy circulating in the body depends upon the constitution of your chakras. The more perfect the formation the greater the flow. Warped chakras are slow and sluggish in their movement so that they fail to serve as healthful conduit for the vital energy to flow through.

Given below is a table that illustrates the names of each of the seven major chakras in English and in Sanskrit, along with its corresponding location in the body. 


English Name

Sanskrit Name



Root/Basic Chakra


Base of spine


Spleen/Soul Chakra


Over the spleen


Solar Plexus Chakra


Over the solar Plexus


Heart Chakra


Centre of the chest


Throat Chakra


Over the Throat


Third Eye Chakra


Between the eye-brows


Crown Chakra 


Top of the head



 Each chakra has its own color, and is segmented into petals. The number of petals differs from one to another as given in the chart above.

Chakra-cleansing is important, and should be practiced regularly to ensure the health of your chakras. It helps clear the impurities that clog the vortices, and keeps them clean and open. Stimulation of the chakras heightens one’s inner senses and makes him more sensitive towards the subtle nuances of the astral influences.

Spiritual practices like meditation, yoga and prayers are some of the ways by which you can increase the momentum of Light in your being. The Light consumes the negative energies and transmutes these into Light itself.

In addition to the above practices, you can cleanse your chakras by concentrated visualization on purifying and healing your chakras.

Due to lack of spiritual knowledge, people are totally unaware of their subtle bodies wherein the root of all sickness and disease lie. While they continue to treat their maladies superficially at the physical level, the damage is continuing to take place within, unknown to you.

It is thus in order to wise up about your health at all levels of your beings and strive to live healthfully with greater awareness, self-discipline and optimism.