Follow The Voice Of Spirit In Your Guided Meditation


Guided meditation works like a hypnotic therapy where the trained practitioner uses words, imagery and emotions to help the participants achieve peace, healing or whatever it is they want to achieve. Guided meditations can be customized as per each one’s needs and problems whether they are for promoting general peace and well-being, sound sleep, or removing mental-blocks or for healing psychosomatic problems.

There is no fixed duration for these meditations; a guided-meditation can range from as short as 5 minutes and could even go up to an hour. Ideally 15 to 30 minutes is sufficient because sometimes meditations which are too long-winding could become rather tiring and this would serve no purpose if the participants start becoming restless and lose their concentration.

Guided meditation is a fun way to heal and relax. You are taken on beautiful, imaginary trips in the heart of Nature or to some enchanting lands beyond this world where you are able to meet angels and fairies and your favorite, loveable fairy-tale characters right out of a story-book. You could glide like a bird in the sky or dive underwater, explore the bottom of the sea or scale the highest mountain. Moreover, you can have the personality that you have always admired in your favorite hero or heroine or be the person who is popular and loved by all.

There is no limit to what you can do in your visualization. You can choose to have and be all that you desire, and there is no one to laugh at you or judge you for whatever you imagine. And though this may appear and sound so fantastically silly and childish, it is extremely powerful to turn your life around in a very beneficial way.

Visualization is a powerful technique which can actually manifest your thoughts and vision into your physical reality. It is comprehensive of vivid imagination, emotions and sense perceptions, which empower your visualization and create an impressionable effect upon the brain. The brain being merely a physical organ has no intellect of its own; it is unable to distinguish between imagination and reality. It accepts whatever the mind believes and reforms itself to suit the new changes.

This is why visualization along with your emotions is an integral part of a guided meditation. It is all about the mental power which involves a lot of activity at the subtle levels of your being. While you sit visualizing, a whole lot of changes are undergoing at the inner levels of your being. Your body, mind and soul are re-aligned with the Source, restoring your inner balance and raising your consciousness to a higher spiritual awareness.

The first step to any guided-meditation is to relax the mind with slow, deep breaths. Breathing helps calm the mind and prepares it to embark on the fantastical journey with complete focus and ease.

The next is the body of the guided-meditation, which is the visualization part of it. Here the healer leads the participants to visualize and experience various scenes and situations along with positive emotions and sense perceptions. The soothing, dreamy voice of the narrator takes the practitioners deeper to reach the inner recesses of their sub-conscious mind.

Third step is where the narrator ends the session with positive statements which re-affirm the health and well-being of the participants, and reminding them that they are free to visit their sanctuary whenever they want. With that he brings the participants gently back to their bodies.

The results of a guided meditation are indeed very invigorating and positive. At the end of the session the participants experience a general well-being, their spirits are uplifted and they feel very peaceful and good.

Practicing visualization on a daily basis can prove to be a very healthful and rejuvenating exercise for your body, mind and spirit. Basically, guided-visualization is indeed day-dreaming at a deeper level. So go ahead and manifest what you want; your desire for a happy, healthy, abundant life is only a dream away!