Basic Overview To Heal Yourself With Meditation


Meditation awakens the deepest dimension of reality. When we move deep within while meditating we get exposed to that domain which is timeless, formless and empty. In this arena, our thoughts of past and future disappear, even awareness of the world and our biological form gradually melts away.

As we move further, we explore the infinite nature of this unique dimension where there is no beginning and no end. In this zone, we discover the extraordinary and limitless freedom from all sorts of sufferings or pain. Here seen and unseen, known and unknown blends together, they appear as one rather than two. This domain is not an abstract idea but an actual dimension which seasoned meditators experience. All those who explore this realm they proclaim that the world is merely an illusion and consciousness is an absolute reality. When we emerge at this plane, we experience lots of peace which serves as a great purpose of existence. When we are in perfect concentration the soul becomes actually free from the gross elements and explore itself from within.

Even if we discover this dimension for a brief period, we experience a blissful state of egoless and timeless. As we surrender our self to this self-luminous powers, it makes way for us to expand spiritually. It is very much within our means to attain the state of consciousness simply by following the path of meditation. At this juncture we find equanimity exists everywhere. Eventually, our streams of thoughts become thinner and we start enjoying a life with an attitude of selflessness, compassion and detachment in the midst of all kinds of problems.

Gradually reasoning and reflection also cease. During meditation, the mind becomes calm and subtle. It concentrates on the object of your choice slowly the scales shift towards divinity. This helps transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive knowingness. You will not find yourself irritable. You can be free from what does not serve you no more and find peace of mind on trivial issues of life. The reason for not being perturbed will be your spiritual strength. You will become an embodiment of bliss, peace and knowledge. This can only be experienced through the constant practice of meditation.

But before acquiring this state at times you will be at “war” with your mind, senses and negative tendencies. Don’t be afraid, with undaunted spirit dive deep within and destroy the undercurrents of passion, hatred and jealousy. Purify your heart and mind of negativity because this is very essential in order to gain balance in life. Whatever be your past life or history, amend it through meditation and seek the way out for salvation. You will also observe light at Ajna chakra, the space between the two eyebrows. This aspect indicates that you are moving in the right direction.

It’s very important to maintain steadiness while experiencing all this. Initially, you will rise above body consciousness, then above mind and finally, you will approach towards inner peace and balance. The lower mind withdraws itself from the irrelevant intricacies of life. The individual mind becomes one with the cosmic mind. The sense of duality, differences and separateness disappears. There won’t be any idea of time and space. It’s a brilliant experience of unity or oneness.

Some sages have explored other planes which exist at different vibrations and that too at various degrees. Each plane has its own dimension which has been revealed by the sages in the ancient scriptures. This process leads to enlightenment. This state can be attained by one’s own efforts. Although the path is difficult but not impossible. It is limitless, infinite and instilled with pure consciousness. This experience is superconscious and transcendental. The senses, mind and intellect come to a perfect halt. The third eye or a spiritual eye gets awakened. But before transcending to such state meditator has to vigorously practice meditation and that too with complete determination and dedication.

Meditate and attain the deeper depths of inner joy and love of self. Remain cheerful, happy and strong and if your will power is becoming strong, pure and irresistible, then your progress on the path of spirituality will reach new “heights”. Although aspirants shouldn’t try to measure their success on this path. They should leave it to their higher self and seek solace by doing meditation regularly.