The Importance & Benefits Of Meditation


When your mind is as still as a placid lake which is crystal clear and pure, reflecting the beauty of your soul which dwells deep in the core of your being, and some vagrant thought like a wisp of cloud will glide past silently without causing a ripple in the mighty stillness of the mind, then in this state of being-ness you come in union with your Higher Self. Your consciousness is heightened and you enjoy spiritual ecstasy. This is meditation in its truest sense.

It would be erroneous on your part to pass it off as some passive exercise where you just sit with your eyes closed doing nothing. Meditation is a dynamic exercise where you come into contact with your inner self in the stillness of your mind. All action takes place at the subtle levels of your being, behind the stillness of your outer physical body.

In the initial stages of meditation, the mind will be overwhelmed by a barrage of thoughts, creating a mental cacophony of the most boisterous kind. A beginner will try and control these thoughts. Now this is a mistake which the student must learn to avoid. The more attention you give to your thoughts the rowdier they get. Consequently, your quiet exercise turns into a vicious mental battle leaving you exhausted and crushed, thus defeating the very purpose of this joyful exercise.

The rule of thumb is, never fight against your mind that is pulling you in all directions. Just BE. Simply watch your thoughts passively as though you are watching images on a screen in front of you. Your thoughts will be screaming for your attention… stay calm. Acknowledge them quietly and let them move on. Do not at any stage entertain your thoughts, regardless of how urgent they may appear to be. With a bit of patience and perseverance, you can succeed to quieten the mind. With consistent practice, the influx of your thoughts will reduce to a mere trickle, and will lose their potency to torment you. With that, you will succeed to attain a deep state of relaxation.

As you resonate with the higher energy, you begin to feel light and peaceful. This has a soothing effect upon your entire endocrine system, and does away with all the heart-related diseases and despondencies of the mind, healing you of all your physical and psychosomatic maladies. In meditation you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Daily meditation helps to strengthen your mind. A strong, well-focused mind is indeed an asset; it is quick and nimble to take the right decisions and actions in your hour of need.

Sickness and disease thus cannot prevail in a body which is vibrant and strong. When your body thrills with a higher vibrational frequency all that is dense and dark is flung out of your being, and health is restored. Moreover, your higher vibrational frequency forms an invincible shield of Light around your auric-field, protecting you against all the harms and dangers of the outside world.

Emotionally you find you are calmer than before. The petty things, which once provoked you to anger and irritation, now no longer affect you. As your perspective of life widens, you start living with greater wisdom and heightened awareness. You realize that you are able to forgive and forget your offenders far more easily than ever before.

The difficulties of life are no threat to an illumined mind because when you are anchored in the Light, solutions which are for the highest good for all, naturally present themselves. Optimism then, becomes a way of life. As your inner Light increases you become a beacon of Light for those living in the throes of darkness and misery – brightening up their lives with comfort and joy.

Most importantly, meditation helps you unravel the mystery of this game called “Life”, so that you can play to win against your life-challenges with greater efficacy, self-confidence and poise, always